Pressing Information

We offer custom pressing to those who want to create their own special blend of sweet or hard cider.  This is done by appointment only, contact form.

There is a 5-bushel minimum:
We need to know the number of bushels before we make your appointment in order to keep to our schedule.

To help measure, use bushel baskets or fill 10 paper grocery bags with Apples or Pears. This is roughly 5 bushels / about 15  gallons of delicious cider.


Containers and Pricing:
Our pressing rates vary depending on if we provide you with containers or you bring your own.  We supply new plastic half and whole gallon jugs with snap tops.

With our containers: $2.50 per gallon and $1.75 per half gallon

With your containers: $2.00 per gallon and $1.50 per half gallon

Please let us know if you plan to freeze your cider. We will leave headroom in the containers to allow for expansion.  Frozen cider stores easily for 6 months.


Quality and Condition:
We are a pesticide-free press.  Apples & Pears will be inspected before pressing, and only clean sound fruit will be accepted.  The fruit will be washed with our orchard brusher/washer prior to pressing.

There should be no leaves or twigs on fruit.  Please, no drops, this is due to Maine regulations and the potential danger of bacteria growth.




Our fruit or yours:
Pears add a great flavor when added to your Apple Cider.

We will have our own Apples, Pears, and sometimes Crabapples, available for an additional cost.



Please come on time or a little early:
We may have many people scheduled in a day.  Arriving 15 minutes early for your appointment would be appreciated.

Please use our Contacts form for rates and arrangements.


Children, Family, and Friends:
Plan a picnic or just enjoy the view while your apples are being pressed. We will enjoy watching and listening to you as you take that first taste of your very own cider.

Please, no dogs.