Debi Stephens

Who is Pressed for Cider… Debi Stephens has had for years a vision of offering custom apple and other fruit products using her antique Palmer apple press.  Ken Lamson and Adrienne Lee of New Beat Farm have been organic farming for many years.  Debi met Ken and Adrienne at the annual Frye Mountain Heritage Tours and realized they had common interests in organic farming.  Over a glass of cider they started to plan, and with much encouragement from others, established Pressed for Cider.

Adrienne & Ken

Many people have helped us along the way, like Laura Silvia who came up with our name Pressed for Cider, all the people who are allowing us to manage their orchards, and in particular Debi’s husband, dad, and brother who helped restore the Palmer press. There are too many kind and generous friends to name who have helped us on our journey.  Thanks to all and cider is on its way!!

Two of our favorite apples are the Liberty and the Spigold.

The Liberty – Recommended for single-variety sweet cider.  A medium-sized round-conic bluish-pinkish-red apple with crisp, white flesh of very good dessert quality when really ripe. An excellent cooking and sweet cider apple!


The Spigold – Good for cider and ideal for fresh eating and baking.  A medium-to-large sized, bright golden apple with gorgeous red striping.  Flesh is crisp with a delicate flavor and delightful aftertaste.  Said to be a superior, more complex, offspring of its Golden Delicious and Northern Spy parentage.


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