2024 – Our custom pressing season will start in September

photo by Megan Marsanskis

Our cider is raw not pasturized!! We are MOFGA certified.

We have moved to South Montville – 122 Choate Road

Cider makers please contact us for our pressing schedule. Remember cider freezes well.

Use our contact form to receive more information – Thanks

photo by Megan Marsanskis
We love apples
Hey, Could this be Johnny Appleseed?

 Pressed for Cider, custom apple pressing offers a way to get your apples pressed so you can celebrate and taste the bounty of your orchard, and enjoy the harvest season. 

Think Fresh Cider! 


photo by Megan Marsanskis
2018 Pressing cider – press

Pressing by appointment only.    

photo by Megan Marsanskis
Jug filling – 2018 Pressing cider


Who is Pressed for Cider…We are a small Maine owned business that produces raw cider, and believes in supporting organic agriculture.

Our apples are harvested from the MOFGA certified Saint George River Orchard in Union.

photo by Debi Stephens
Late winter 2019 in the orchard


photo by Debi Stephens
Spring 2019 in the orchard








Our goals and wishes for 2024 are… to incorporate more sustainable practices such as adding glass to our container choices.  And as always looking forward to working with our local farms, and seeing everyone at our custom pressings. We also are very optimistic for a fruitful season.

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Pressing Information

We offer custom pressing to those who want to create their own special blend of sweet or hard cider.  This is done by appointment only.

There is a 5-bushel minimum:
We need to know the number of bushels before we make your appointment in order to keep to our schedule.

To help measure, use bushel baskets or fill 7, 5 gallon buckets with Apples or Pears. This is roughly 5 bushels / about 15  gallons of delicious cider.  

Please let us know if you plan to freeze your cider. We will leave headroom in the containers to allow for expansion.  Frozen cider stores easily for 9 months.

Quality and Condition:
We are a pesticide-free press.  Apples & Pears will be inspected before pressing, and only clean sound fruit will be accepted.  The fruit will be washed with our orchard brusher/washer prior to pressing.

There should be no leaves or twigs on fruit.  Please, no drops, this is due to Maine regulations and the potential danger of bacteria growth.

Our fruit or yours:
Pears add a great flavor when added to your Apple Cider.

We have our own Apples, and sometimes Pears, and Crabapples, available for an additional cost.


Please come on time or a little early:
We may have many people scheduled in a day.  Arriving 15 minutes early for your appointment would be appreciated.

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